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A pencil sketch of a womans face in shadow looking at you.

My work always has strong linear elements and rich colors, when I use color. Making the lines is the most rewarding part of making art for me. I search for the line that is graceful and elegant. The act of making lines is a real pleasure.

When the lines are in place, I choose the media or craft that will bring my vision to life. I may use colored pencils, watercolor, inks, oils, computer imaging or even colored glass. I'm ready to mix and match, to explore something new.

I want my work to be a delight to the eye, and a light to the mind.

The belief that life is good influences all my art. I take a positive outlook on life and on my work. While I recognize there is also violence, hatred, and cruelty in the present culture, I want to convey the beauty there is in this life and the beauty there could be.

Our present culture often uses life's ugliness as an excuse to depict ugliness in art. Movies are a prime example. Hate, rage, cruelty and abuse are in much of what we see at the cinema because the producers of it say that's how life is.

But, why imitate the negative? When someone imitates bad behavior, I say why not follow the good example? In my art I try to set the good example. I draw my world as I would like it to be: without cruelty, violence, abuse or hate. It is a world to hope for; for, without hope, vision, and effort, it will never be reality.

MJ Cartmell Cantrell


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