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The Fool

I have built my castle in the sky and forgotten of the treasures of heaven.

Balanced precariously on the very peak of a roof, the Fool is completely oblivious to the peril of her position. Rather, she is entranced by far away visions which we, the viewers, cannot see. Way up above the chimney tops, the Fool, inexperienced, but ever hopeful, is just begun upon a journey who's success or failure is unknown.

However, our poor fool is not well prepared in this enterprise. Without a coat and dressed in party clothes, a 'holey' purse at her side seems to be her only asset, other than her youth, enthusiasm, and energy. The flower in her hand, which she has picked, but not protected, further indicates her careless attitude.

Attached to the material world, but unlearned in its arcane and mystical ways, she may have a difficult and challenging experience on her way. Her youth and beauty may help, but it is sure she has some hard knocks and falls to come.

Image of a tarot card called the Fool with a picture of a colorfully dressed woman.

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