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'...the strength so strong mere force is feebleness: the truth more first than sun, more last than star...'

Seated upon a low stone bench, the dark lady sits before a strong and angry lion. A deep blue cushion peeps out from beneath her rich, red dress. She is calm, clear-eyed and strong browed. Her bones are strongly revealed. Crossed upon her very pregnant belly, her hands are calm and relaxed. She waits.

The lion is chained-under the control of the lady, his tail curled protectively about her feet. But, closer inspection reveals a weak link in the chain. A single lunge by the powerful lion would free him from his constraints. What is it then that keeps this lion by her side?

Above the seated figures, the brooding sky is piled with clouds colored by the setting sun. A lake separates us from the hills and mountains in the background. While the surface is quiet and calm, like that of the Lady, there is the suggestion of depth.

The land about and beyond is clear and open. All is revealed.

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