Wildcat Studios

The Emperor

'Might, without right, is as nothing.'

From his throne, the Emperor looks straight at the viewer, hands resting upon the hilt of his gleaming sword. Draped about his shoulders, a richly embroidered robe of royal purple is caught by a corded, golden chain of royal medallions. The crown of gold and collar of ermine announce his royal position.

His power, founded in the strength of his personality, flows from his superior knowledge and ability. His charisma flows from his intense gaze. Here is a man unintimidated by anything he has ever encountered. He is master of all he surveys.

But, is this Lord and Master as straight-forward as he seems. His sword proclaims his power and rule is founded upon righteous principles: might without right is as nothing. But, his jewel encrusted, golden throne is supported by a wooden backing that announces a more prosaic foundation: 'firth fortune and fill the fetters.'

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