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The Empress

'Without God, all is vain glory.'

From her throne, the Empress confronts the viewer with impassive and regal remoteness. Upon her head, she wears a golden crown from which seven large diamonds glint and flash.

In her right hand, the Empress holds an orbed scepter, carved with the icons of her rule: the gryphon, and the fleur-de-lis. The scepter consists of bound rods, symbolizing unity from the many. In her left hand another orb rests, from which is suspended a jeweled cross. Draped about her shoulders, her rich purple robes are trimmed in what may be ermine or some other even more exotic fur. Golden fleurs-de-lis are worked into the fabric, again reminding us of her royal rule. The gryphon, that mythical half-eagle, half-lion, is woven into her tunic. (In the 14th century, Dante used the gryphon as a symbol for Christ, based on the medieval comparisons of Him to the eagle and the lion.)

Arms crossed across her breast, the Empress is self-contained and aloof. Her wimple sets off and isolates the regal face. Composed and alone, the Empress waits.

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