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'Judge not for you shall be judged.'

Justice sits upon his throne. His crown is askew, tilted. Piled at his feet, petitions and writs lie unread and unjudged. His sword is at rest on his lap. Justice is asleep, dozing through the late afternoon. Justice is blind. About his shoulders, his cloak is latched at his throat by a broach with an image of a griffon, a symbol of the divine. Upon his finger, he wears a jewelled ring. Behind the justice, floating in the air, roman numerals remind us of one list of commandments upon which justice was founded.

As a guardian of justice, truth, and right, the Justice has balanced his sword upon his thighs. The sword is clearly sharp, for just in rest the blade has cut his leggings. But, in the lethargy of this judge, it lies unused. Will the subjects and petitioners receive their just dues.

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