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' ... and what i want to know is how do you like your blueeyed boy Mister Death.'

In life, our fellow is burdened with many things: beautiful, costly, heavy. Jumbled, without organization, keys and combs, frogs and faces, scrolls and sacks, bags and boxes have filled his life. Are these of such real value, or do they merely distract him from his purpose and goals.

In death, his spirit begins to withdraw, drifting upward and away. But, what does he face? Looking upward into the void, he is confronted with - what? We cannot see; we cannot know; we can only speculate. His bemused expression does not give away any clues to his fate. Does all his effort in this life prepare him for what is to come after?

The death here is not a physical death. It is a death to all those things which may seem important, but are not. The soul is abandoning the material trappings of life for divine enlightenment.

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