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The Magician

Looking directly out of the frame of the picture, the young magician holds a gleaming sword in one arm, while balancing a green wand on the other. The sword is etched with the motto 'In His Sign, I Conquer.' One hand points above, to a higher plane, while the other directs our attention to an empty chalice which stands on the table before her, with a pentagram and a circled snake with its tail in its mouth, one symbol for infinity.

The magician's garb is the green of growing plants and lays over an embroidered linen shirt. Medallions in the form of flowers rest at open points in the embroidery, repeating the motif of growth and life. The pattern of this embroidery is repeated along the bottom of the picture. Floating over her head, the sign of infinity reminds us that there is no end to the search for truth and knowledge. The calm eyes are clear and bright. Reflected in the irises are glints of light that suggest the stars of the Heavens. The face is serene and draws to a sharp chin beneath a strong, firm mouth.

This person will not be easily distracted from her purpose or objective.

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