Wildcat Studios

Wheel Of Fortune

'At the still point of the turning world, neither flesh nor fleshless; neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is.'

The wheel of fortune, ever turning, ever moving, and yet fixed upon its turning point, without progress. Mystic and arcane symbols, without meaning for the uninitiated, indicate a path before the viewer-but which way and to what end?

Seated before the wheel, but concentrated upon their work, Klotho and Atropos spin and knit the threads of life. Only Lachesis is out of view. Has she taken a holiday, or only momentarily stepped from our frame of reference?

As spinners of fate, the women may know the future, but then again, they may not. Oblivious to the wheel, they may miss the most obvious clues. Yet the women continue their function, spinning and knitting without ceasing.

Do they, or does the Wheel, fix events? Or, is it something else again, entirely? As we contemplate this question, we are confronted by the paradox of fate. Does destiny remove the possibility of good and evil?

In upward flight, wings spread over the Wheel, an angel has her back to them and to us. Arching into the heavens, is the angel aware of all our questions? What is the true center? The spinning galaxy. Or, its creator?

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