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The Lovers

'A true duprass can't be invaded, not even by children born of such a union.'

Hand to hand, chastely gazing into one anothers eyes, the lovers form what Vonnagut termed a 'duprass' - a tightly bound unit of two that drives some purpose higher than they know.

From their eyes, starry patterns (repeated in the sky of the Hermit) peek out, further reflecting their unity. About their shoulders, a woven blanket covers and enfolds them, emphasizing again that they are one. Over their shoulders, we see a full-flowering tree, branching upward. The sky is the pale, lovely blue of an early spring. In the promise of their love, life and beauty springs into being.

He, blue-eyed and blond, is dressed in a rich red tunic with muted gold medallions printed upon the weave of the cloth. Just peeking through the binding of his shirt, we see the blazing white of his undergarment.

The yellow of her sleeves echos the blond of his hair. The gold circle of her headband calls to mind the halo of an angel or the Madonna. Her hair, modestly covered with a white wimple, is out of view. Perhaps only he knows its true color.

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