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The Hierophant

'All that is hidden shall be made known'

The Hierophant, whose role in religion is to bring the congregants into the presence of the holy, stands in supplication to the heavens, represented by the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars before him. Images of the tree and waters of life are also present. Once again, this image confronts us with the infinite, the unknown, and the mystical.

In this image, we have an intercessor, one to guide and help us in our search. About the Hierophant's shoulders, the heavily embroidered robe proclaims 'all that is hidden shall be made known.' He stands both as go-between and as guide.

However, as a part of the embroidery, a parrot perches on each shoulder. A beautiful bird, able to speak - but does it know the meaning? Can it do more than 'parrot' a phrase? Why does this mystic display the symbol of the parrot? Does he know the letter, or the spirit, of the Law?

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